About Susan

About Spotts Grooming Parlor

My name is Susan, owner and operator of Spotts Grooming Parlor. For as long as I can remember, I have been around animals. I have been grooming both dogs and cats since 1992. In July of 2002, I opened my own grooming parlor with the help of my husband Jim. Together, we turned a dull and lifeless attached garage into the quaintest little grooming parlor. Grooming dogs is both a pleasure and a passion; I have been very blessed to have been given this talent. We have two Standard Poodles, Pippin is my “white shadow”, he is in all my ads and is the white poodle on my website header. Bosco is my black poodle that is just a love. I have also studied dog diet and nutrition. I am a field rep for Life’s Abundance, the owner of Pips Choice and I am an IFR for Flint River Ranch.
  • Over 20 years of professional grooming experience
  • Natural, holistic pet food
  • Preferred client program