The Works Grooming Pricing

The Works includes: brush out, bath, pedicure, haircut, sanitary clip, ears cleaned – finished with bows or bandanna and cologne. Our prices are based on your dog’s coat being in good to fair condition. There will be an additional cost for overly dirty, oily, smelly and or matted dogs.

  • Small Dogs (starting at $40.00) – Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Poodle (Toy, Miniature), Schnauzer (Miniature), Havanese, Yorkshire Terrier, Cavalier, West Highland Terrier, Bichon, and similar-sized mixed breeds
  • Medium Dogs (starting at $50.00) – American Eskimo, Cocker, Larger Poodle, Scottish Terrier, Standard Schnauzer, and similar-sized mixed breeds
  • Large Dogs (starting at $60.00) – Standard Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever,
    Border Collie, Airedale, Australian Shepherds, and similar-sized mixed breeds

Additional Services

These are extra charges added to the regular bath or grooming price.
  • Spa Bath for Short Coated Dogs ($25.00 – $45.00 based on size of dog) – Includes bath, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, dried
  • Flee Bath Treatment ($5.00 – $10.00 based on size of dog) – Pop’s Organic Insect Away
  • Medicated Bath Treatment ($2.00 – $8.00 based on size of dog) – Pop’s Organic Itch Relief
  • Teeth Brushing Service ($5.00 with groom) – Life’s Abundance Dental Care
  • FURminator Shed-less Treatment ($5.00 – $15.00 based on size of dog) – Reduces shedding by up to 80% when done regularly
  • Pedicure Special ($5.00 with groom, $15.00 without) – Nails clipped & filed and finished with a coat of beautiful polish. Choose from a wide verity of colors.

What to expect when you bring your pet to see us

The Bath – Each pet is checked prior to bathing to determine the type of shampoo to be used. I use only high quality shampoo’s and conditioners. The Basic shampoo is Life’s Abundance. There will be an extra charge for flea treatment and medicated skin care treatment.

I use a bathing system that gives a nice deep down massaging bath that gets pets their cleanest. This is great for relaxing all pets and especially good for older pets with arthritis. A coat conditioner finishes the bath. Anal glands are expelled only if warranted & requested by you. An extra charge of $ 4.00 will be added to the grooming price.

The inside of the ears are cleaned with Life’s Abundance Herbal Ear Care Formula that eliminates odor, dissolves ear wax and removes dirt and debris by bringing it to the surface. NO alcohol. It also soothes the ear during application and long after. If pet has hair that needs to be removed from the ear canal that is also done. I will Not pull every strand of hair because I believe hair is here for a reason.

All pets are fluff-dried by hand to give the coat a nice fluffy look, this makes for a better finished appearance.

Nail trims are included with the bath.

The Trim & Style – Your pet will be trimmed to your request or if you prefer, I will select the most popular and fitting style for your pet. An additional charge may apply to special conditions requiring unusual time and effort. These include: duration time between grooming, age, difficulty and temperament and severely matted and knotted coats. As a pet professional, I may refuse to de-mat a coat for the sake of comfort and safety to your pet.

All pets will receive either a bandanna, bows or one of my unique holiday accessories and finished with a spritz of wonderful smelling cologne of Bath Fresh Mist from Life’s Abundance

Preferred Client Program

This special program is highly recommended to those that need a particular day and time for your appointment. This is how it works, a specific appointment is pre-scheduled for your pet at intervals of one to eight weeks at the time of each visit. We all have busy schedules and this insures that you always have an appointment when you need it. By joining the program, you will enjoy the benefits of priority holiday appointments and special year round bonuses at no extra charge to you. This is just one more way to say THANK YOU!!

De-matting of Dogs

Very old pets and very young pets cannot be de-matted. Extremely matted coats on dogs will require shaving very close to the skin. NO Exceptions. Some pet’s have hard to remove mats in certain areas on their bodies that can be brushed out. Often, in the process of grooming, your pet’s skin may become irritated due to the tremendous amount of brushing required on a coat which has been improperly cared for over a period of time. Regular grooming visits will prevent the need for this type of grooming service. Also, please note there is an additional charge for this service and we will try to provide a price quote within range depending on the time required. If for some reason I am unable to stay within this price quote range, I will attempt to contact you for your authorization. Please make sure I have a phone number where you can be reached during the day. De-Matting Charges $1 per min (pets that are used to grooming) $2 per min for Elderly or puppies.